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All of these testimonials from past and present students below are genuine and unaltered. We pride ourselves by keeping the absolute highest level of professionalism in the college at all times however this is finely balanced with enjoyable learning techniques and hands on experience in our state of the art workshops.

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I decided to join this course because I have always wanted to learn a skill in life.  Personally, I feel that I exert my creativity to my full potential through practical based work.  Furthermore, I have always had the passion and ambition to do an apprenticeship in Plumbing as there aren’t many strong females in the industry. I am currently doing an apprenticeship with United Living to be a gas engineer. My apprenticeship is going really well as I learn new things everyday to help shape my future career. I get a lot of support from the United Living engineers, and tutors from Choice Training. I absolutely love and enjoy what I do and hope to have a successful career.


Yasmine Ahmet, Level 2 NVQ Student

“Choice has taught us professionalism, to have a business mind and to plan a career route. They helped me find a job which gave me the experience of onsite and practical experience, the guidance of being independent with successfully completing jobs to a very high standard. I have to thank Choice Training for making not only my future bright and successful but other students as well. I have become much more mature and confident as a person and I know I have made a great decision.”

Grace Armstrong, Level 3 NVQ Student

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“I am a single mum of two and I applied for a Plumbing Level 3 NVQ course at Bexley College in Kent near where I live. This was too expensive at £8,500.00 and I would never in a million years been able to afford that sort of money so I applied to Choice Training. I won one of the scholarships that were on offer and they have helped me climb ladders that I could never have done without their help. I am so grateful for everything they have done for me especially James Tye my teacher, who has been amazing and very supportive of me as I was very nervous starting in a class full of young men. I have been to customer’s houses to do private plumbing work and a lot of women do prefer women coming into their homes as they feel safer with another female but I have had a lot of men who did not look impressed that a woman was coming into to do plumbing repairs but were pleased that I did the job as well as any man when I had finished. I would like to give a big thank you to Choice for all their help and I would not be where I am without them”.

Sally King, level 3 NVQ Student

“I first became interested in Plumbing when I got my house and it needed a lot of work doing to it. My work background is actually in psychology but I never really enjoyed it. When I started doing the repairs on my house I found that I enjoyed doing this type of work.
I am a single parent with three young children so when my youngest child started school. I searched for “Plumbing courses for Women” and Choice Training came up. Choice has been an amazing place to learn and train at so far. The staff have been exceptionally helpful and approachable.
I started my Level 2 Diploma and hope to complete my Level 3 Diploma or hopefully an NVQ and eventually run my own business with Choice’s help.”

Becki West, Level 2 Diploma Student

Becki-West testimonial image.png

I wanted to learn a new trade as I came from an IT background. The staff and my peers are amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better college or people. I have gained my Level 2 qualification and now want to study for my Level 3 to gain more experience and enter the world of plumbing. 


Cade T, Level 2 Diploma Student

The best college I have been to. Everybody has been helpful . I have enjoyed the course very much Rob and Bob help you out with everything. I want to go on to study Level 3 and get an apprenticeship. It has helped me realise what I want to do in life. 


Jack O, Level 2 Diploma Student

I wanted to learn a new trade and Choice Training have given me the chance to do just that. Brilliant tutors and people, lovely college. I want to start working for a big plumbing company. Choice Training have given me motivation.


Jamie M, Level 2 Diploma Student

Great college and environment have lots of support from teachers and find it a friendly place.


Benjamin J, Level 2 Diploma Student

Teachers and students are welcoming at the college. Before I started I didn’t know what I wanted to do and now I have a future and career to look forward to.


Nikki B, Level 1 Diploma Student

Choice Training is the only place where you can practice and re-correct the mistake and gain confidence. The teachers support has been magnificent, my class mates are very friendly and helpful when I need it. I want to learn about boilers (replacing boilers, repairs to boilers). The course helped me gain more skills , has given me lots of confidence.

Mubeen B, Level 2 Diploma Student

They are really helpful and are there to help when you’re stuck on the work.

Ashley Dore,

All of the tutors have good plumbing knowledge are good at teaching me to be the best plumber I can be.

Ben Cooper,

The tutors are really helpful and have great plumbing knowledge, really friendly and you can have a good laugh with them.

Regan O'Leary,

The tutors are really friendly and helpful

Tyler Williams,

Very good staff and nice people and a good environment to be in.

Robbie Cook,

The staff are very friendly and very helpful.  It’s a friendly environment and stress free, which is helpful in the learning area.

Michael Swalli,


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