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Meet The Team

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Andrea Jones

Hi my name is Andrea I have been working at Choice Training since August 2020, I came here after I was made redundant from my previous roles in HR for Jaguar /Land rover where I had been for 20 years.


Currently at Choice I am doing a bit of everything to help run the office and help Simone.

Cognassit, booking exams, answering telephone, keeping all personnel files up to date and enrolment for new apprentices and any other things that crop up in an office environment.

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Simone Frankel

Copy needed

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Joanie Wilding

I worked for Marks and Spencer doing a variety of different jobs for 22 years.  I decided I needed a change, left and heard about the job at Choice Training.  That was last February so I have now been working at Choice for almost a year.


My job title is "Apprentice Reviewer" and that is exactly what I do.  

Every sixteen weeks each Apprentice has to have an Apprenticeship Review, alternating between college and on site, where feedback is obtained from their Supervisor. 

These reviews are carried out to make sure that each learner is progressing as they should and that any issues they may be experiencing, can be dealt with in the appropriate way.   The reviews are all about the welfare of the learner.


Joanie.  x

Hugging Monkeys

David Moore

How I came to Choice Training Ltd

I first came to Choice Training Ltd as a learner, I had to leave my previous job to become a carer. During this time I was able to study while caring. After successful completing my course, I won the student of the year award, and after that was offered a job by Choice Training to become a teaching assistant at first, doing 2 or 3 days a week when needed, while I was working on site for the other 2 or 3 days. I then progressed on to be a full time tutor.


Previous Work

As soon as I left school, I did my level 2 in plumbing, I then continued working on site. I worked at the London Olympic Park in Stratford for a year building the changing rooms at the Olympic swimming pool. Once I finished working at the Olympic Park, I moved to an interior design company called Increation. They specialized in kitchens and bathrooms, I mainly helped the carpenters in the workshop to create bespoke furniture. I then went on site to install the furniture in various locations, ranging from domestic properties to libraries. We also designed and built furniture for 5 houses for the South African President, Jacob Zuma. After working at Increation for 2 years, I then moved to work at the BT film studio in Stratford as part of the Here East development. All 176 dressing rooms had to be fitted with en-suite toilets, wash hand basins and showers, It was my job to install these rooms from start to finish. I left BT sport to become a carer where I studied at Choice Training Ltd. Before becoming a full time tutor, I was working 2 or 3 days a week doing domestic bathroom suites and kitchens, including the removal, changing of pipework, and electrical work, plastering, installing fixtures, tiling and grouting. Throughout all of these jobs I also worked part time at weekend for a company called Ice House. They specialize in events where they would provide walk-in fridges for catering events, beer festivals etc. For Ice House I have worked at big events such as Wimbledon, The Royal Ascot and at the Excel for various events. My role was to work with my team, we would build the fridges, install the motors, and then stay at the event to fix any maintenance issues.


When I started at Choice Training

I started as a learner in 2014, and became a teaching assistant in 2015. I then became a full time in January 2016.


What I currently do

I currently teach Service and Maintenance classes, ranging from first years to 4th years. I teach them their health and safety through water services, as well as heating and ventilation. I teach the practical side as well as the theory side, doing a lot of fault finding and scenario based activities. I am currently studying to become an assessor.

Construction Plans

Your Choice

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New Hybrid courses with online course work and on-site course assessments for anyone to buy. 


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Construction Plans

Your Choice

Coming Soon

New Hybrid courses with online course work and on-site course assessments for anyone to buy. 


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