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Student Policy Against Harassment & Bullying

Choice Training Ltd takes bullying very seriously.


There are three agreed defining features of bullying:

  • The victim is targeted by an individual or group on a regular basis

  • There is intention to harm or humiliate

  • There is a power imbalance, the victim is fearful of those targeting him or her

When all of the above are happening, it is highly likely that this is a bullying situation.


If you feel like you are being bullied at Choice Training, out with friends or at home.

Please seek help from us by:

  • Inform Robert Tye the Designated Safeguarding Officer at Choice Training.

  • Inform any member of staff at Choice Training

  • Complete a bullying alert form found in reception

  • Tell an adult you can trust


Alternatively there are organisations you can call for help

  • Call Childline 0808 800 2222

  • Call Bullying UK 0800 1111

  • Call Act on it 0300 123 5101


You have the right to be safe from harm. No one deserves to be bullied and there are things that can be done to help you.


To view Choice Training's full harassment and bullying policy, click here.

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