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Our New Hybrid Learning Platform YOUR CHOICE is now live and ready for you to buy and take your online NVQ plumbing course.

Easy to use on Desktop, Tablet and mobile.

A New Career is Possible - it’s YOUR CHOICE!

Starting a new career may seem like a scary feat to accomplish, but with YOUR CHOICE - our new online NVQ course programme -  it could not be made any easier.

Our YOUR CHOICE courses consist of both combined online learning and onsite assessments, so it is entirely flexible around you and your commitments.

Got a question about our YOUR CHOICE courses that needs answering? No problem, check out our FAQs below.  But if you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for, please do get in touch with us, our friendly qualified staff are always here to answer your questions.

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City & Guilds
Level 2
NVQ Plumbing and Heating Course 6189-11

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City & Guilds
Level 2
NVQ Plumbing and Heating Bolt on Course 6189-90

Your Choice NVQ L2 Plumbing Bolton Course 6189-90 Banner.jpg

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City & Guilds
Level 2
NVQ Plumbing and Heating Bolt on Course 6189-57

Choice Training 6189-57 Level 2 Plumbing Bolt on Course Image.jpg

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City & Guilds
Level 2
NVQ Industrial Commercial Course 6188-20

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City & Guilds
Level 3
NVQ Plumbing and Heating Course 6189-31

Your Choice NVQ L3 Plumbing Banner.jpg

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City & Guilds
Level 3
NVQ Industrial Commercial Course 6188-30

Your Choice NVQ L3 Industrial Commercial Banner.jpg

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  1. Complete the college portfolio of online and onsite assessments

  2. Compile a portfolio of work based evidence

  3. Pass the unit exams.


It’s that simple, and it’s YOUR CHOICE!

Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Online NVQ Plumbing, Heating & Ventilation and Industrial Commercial Courses:

I want to learn a new skill but I’m worried about taking time off work.

Don’t be worried, you can complete all of the theory in your own time on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone whenever and wherever it suits you.

This means that you can complete the online learning during the evenings or at weekends and then book your onsite assessments on days that work for you.

How can I learn the practical side of the training, I cannot come to college 1-2 days a week every week I need to work?

It’s YOUR CHOICE With our YOUR CHOICE courses, you get allocated 15 days of onsite practical’s to use how you wish, and when suits you. Simply, book yourself into the centre with our online booking calendar for days that are convenient for you. You may choose to book 5 days in a row, one day a week, once a month, it’s entirely YOUR CHOICE.

How long does it take to complete the YOUR CHOICE online NVQ course?

It's YOUR CHOICE You can take 6 weeks or 3 years, you work at your own pace and take exams when you are ready.

Will I need to provide practical evidence?

Yes, once you have learned the skills required you will need to complete a work folder with evidence of you installing a bathroom and carrying out various other tasks. All this will be taught to you and our friendly team of qualified staff are available throughout the duration of your course for advice and support.

What happens if I do not understand part of the course?

Don’t worry, our team of friendly qualified staff are on hand to support you throughout the duration of your chosen course and are contactable via a number of ways:

  • Download the Your Choice app. You can message us directly via our Your Choice app with as many questions as you like and an assessor will be available for help.
  • You can phone us on 0203 719 5639 between 9am-5pm and an assessor will be available to answer any questions.
  • You can email us:

Visit us when you come into the centre for your assessments and we will happily have a chat and answer any questions you may have.

What will I learn?

During your chosen YOUR CHOICE course you will learn about various water systems, Including cold water supply pipework, hot water distribution pipework, various central heating systems and components and the different drainage and waste water systems used.

You will also be learning about the behind the scenes units such Scientific Principles which allows you to understand how water acts in certain ways and what causes natural phenomenon to occur within our systems.

You will also gain experience in how to talk with clients/customers as well as what building documentation will be required throughout your career.

What is involved with a YOUR CHOICE course?

YOUR CHOICE courses are simple to follow and flexible.

To complete one of our YOUR CHOICE courses you will be required to complete a college portfolio which will consist of a combination of practical assessments and knowledge assessments.

There is also an onsite portfolio of work based evidence which needs to be completed which will cover a range of criteria that needs to be covered to prove confidence in the industry.

Lastly, you will be required to pass unit exams which are multiple choice based questions, they are online exams and marked digitally as soon as you complete them giving you an instant mark.

What can I expect to earn as a Plumber when qualified?

The average qualified Plumber salary is:

South East Average: £37,875.06

With overtime: £75,000 +

Do I get any support throughout the duration of my YOUR CHOICE course?


Here at Choice Training we put ALL of our students first and make sure that you are happy and have everything that you need.

We make sure that every YOUR CHOICE student is given the same learning materials which are available online after you receive your login ID and password. These materials include presentation packs containing lots of information on all aspects of the plumbing world. Also included are multiple choice knowledge check questions, which will test your knowledge as well as preparing you for the real exam and makes learning fun and simple.

Plus, you will have access to our tutorial videos on the Choice Training YouTube channel.

Before you start your YOUR CHOICE course, a member of the team will speak to you to explain the onsite work based evidence folder to make sure it is clear what is needed and expected of you.

We are here with you every step of the way throughout the duration of your course and offer a help line service where at least one tutor every day is spare to answer and queries or to help with a problem you are having on site.

Can I Pay Monthly?

You can either pay in full or apply to our Finance partner who will be able to help you with more payment options. Click here to go to our finance partner page

Why should I complete a Your Choice course and not one found on the internet?


You will complete a YOUR CHOICE course with a City & Guilds accredited NVQ qualification which is widely recognised by not only employers but by people looking for qualified tradespeople to carry out work for them.


Choice Training is a small, friendly and reputable plumbing college with a team of expert teaching staff and state of the art teaching facilities on site.


With Choice Training, you are not on your own. Our friendly team of expert staff are on hand to guide you, answer your questions and give you advice throughout the duration of your course.


As well as qualified teachers, the Choice Training team also has an abundance of industry experience which is of benefit to students to help guide you and prepare you for the workplace as well as helping you achieve your qualification.

What is included in the Your Choice Course Price?

The Your Choice course includes:

Online access 24/7 to our course platform & there is an Android App available now and soon to be an iPhone app too.

Onsite training at our Dagenham Training centre to help you with your practical work.

Materials you use during your college assessment days.

Onsite assessment days at our Dagenham Training centre.

Work based Assessments.

Full support from Choice Training’s in-house experts during your course, Monday to Friday 9 to 5 on 0203 719 5639. Or via the online messenger on the app at weekends and evenings.

Exams, and re-taking exams if you need to.

Enrolment and certification.

Please note, you have 3 years to complete a Your Choice course, you can of naturally complete it as fast as you like, it’s Your Choice.

Are Exams and Retaking Exams included?

Yes, the course is a fully inclusive price, not just the exams but our expert support is on hand during office hours all the way through the course; we want you to succeed and are proud of our 99% success rate with well over a thousand learners.

Is there a level 1 Plumbing or Industrial Course?

No, Level 2 is the foundation course.

Do I need to take Level 2 before Level 3 course?

If you are already an experienced Plumber you can go straight to a Level 3 qualification. As long as you can prove experience to the assessors via CV or qualifications.

What Qualification will I get at the end of my course?

When you complete your course you will achieve the highly recognised, and sought after by quality employers, City & Guilds NVQ Qualification.

If we haven't answered your question, do just

give us a call on  0203 719 5639,

email us

or just use the chat.

Current Course List

Level 2
City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 Plumbing & Heating 6189-11

City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 Industrial Commercial 6188-20

City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 Plumbing & Heating 6189-57*
*(Level 2 Bolt on Course, convert L2 Plumbing Studies to Full Level 2 City & Guilds NVQ Plumbing & Heating 6189-11)

City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 Plumbing & Heating 6189-90**
**(Level 2 Bolt on Course, convert Plumbing Certificate 8202-25 to
Full Level 2 City & Guilds NVQ Plumbing & Heating 6189-11)

Level 3
City & Guilds NVQ Level 3 Plumbing & Heating 6189-31

City & Guilds NVQ Level 3 Plumbing & Heating 6188-30



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