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Why I chose Construction

By Abbie Rose Azzapardi, Choice Training Level 3 Building Services Engineering Service & Maintenance Engineer Apprentice

From a young age, I looked up to my aunt whom was a QS (Quantity Surveyor), and I always had a keen interest in her career life.

When I left mainstream education, I went to college to study multi-trade for two years to expand my knowledge in the industry and I seemed to really enjoy it. After finishing two years in college, I won the Jack Petchey Award in construction. That being the case, I wanted to take my knowledge elsewhere. So, I decided to apply for an apprenticeship with Skanska doing maintenance.

“It’s nice to see the trade gathering more women in the industry”

I have now been at Skanska for six months, even though I’m one of two girls who work on my site, we don’t get treated any different to the men as some people may think. I sometimes receive comments from clients when they see me at a job and one comment I get quite often get is “It’s nice to see the trade gathering more women in the industry”.

Seeing as construction was historically a male oriented industry, I’m proud and glad that I am working for a company who is willing to change that. The industry has changed quite a lot for women, and there are a lot more women on site now than there used to be. The culture has also changed, even the PPE (personal protective equipment) we wear has been tailored to fit women. I’m extremely happy about my role in the industry and I love my job. Every day is different, it’s dynamic, challenging and it really motivates me. It keeps me driven and curious to know and learn more each day.

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